Home Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips and Tools

Spring is upon us and it is time to get busy and get cleaning. With the higher costs of food and gasoline, this year you may be doing more of it yourself than in prior years, but I am here to tell you that if you do it right you can do it yourself. All you need is a little knowhow and the right tools and you are good to go. Let’s start with the pressure washer; having the right pressure washer can really help you clean the place up.

Luckily pressure washers do not cost nearly as much as they use too, of course, not all pressure washers are created equally. You need a pressure washer that is industrial grade or close to it, if you want the right results. But you can purchase a 2200 PSI Pressure washer for under $400.00 and if you purchase the right attachments you will be surprised how easy it is to clean things such as the:

Rain Gutters
Pool Area
Block and Brick Walls
Vinyl Siding
Patio Covers
You need a soft bristle brush and a hard bristle brush and a few various nozzles for the pressure washer such as a zero tip ( be careful), 15, 25, 45 degree tips. For things like wood, screens and vinyl siding, use the 45 degree tip. For concrete the 15 and 25 degree tip work well and for reaching further away places such as the eaves on a two-story home the zero tip will help you get the water up there with pressure to spare. Most higher-end pressure washers include these various nozzle tips. Please for your safety; follow the instructions.

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